Walk Cataract Gorge | Tasmania
One of the really special things to do in Launceston

The Jewel of Launceston

The Jewel of Launceston walking tour combines the best that Cataract Gorge has to offer.


The Jewel of Launceston


The Jewel of Launceston combines the best that Cataract Gorge has to offer.
This one-way one hour walk is the ideal introduction to the Cataract Gorge and First Basin, providing a gentle visual revealing of the beauty of the place, combined with an unfolding narrative.

Walk Cataract Gorge - bookkeepers cottage

The Jewel of Launceston

Hear about the balance between society and nature, and experience the stunning Cataract Gorge, the living jewel in Launceston’s crown.

Not only will you see and hear the Launceston Gorge, but you’ll also taste, smell and touch it!

We'll start at Kings Bridge and take the Cataract Walk into the Gorge, weave our way through the lovely gardens, and then across First Basin. With five stops along the way, before finishing on the lawns near the swimming pool.


  • See the unique flora, and native and exotic fauna of the Cataract Gorge Reserve

  • Learn about the geological formation of the Gorge and First Basin

  • Experience a tasting of the predominate vegetation in the Gorge

  • Hear about European exploration into the gorge

  • Find out about the transformation into the picturesque grounds of today

Leave with a true understanding of why this really is the living jewel of Launceston!

Walk Cataract Gorge - Kings Bridge

Walk details

Duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Grade: Easy.
An average level of fitness is required.
There are just a few steps along the entire walk (these can be avoided for anyone with limited mobility), and a slight gradient towards the end of the Cataract Walk.
Departs: 9.30am daily.
~ additional times available for group bookings
Starts: at Kings Bridge, northern end near the old ticketbooth (the ticketbooth is easy to spot).
Ends: at First Basin, on the lawns in front of the swimming pool.
Price: $22 per person.
How to get there: Kings Bridge is an easy stroll from the city centre.  Walking time from the CBD is approximately 15-20 minutes.  Depending on the location of your accommodation it could be as little as a ten minute walk.
The most direct access is walking west along Paterson Street, which turns into Bridge Road. Cross the bridge to the northern end, and look for the old ticketbooth.  Or from the waterfront, take the Alexandra Walk from Seaport, continue past Royal Park, and then along Ritchies Mill Walk.  Here you’ll meet Bridge Road. Cross the bridge to the northern end, and look for the old ticketbooth.

Walk Cataract Gorge - meeting point

What to brinG

Visitors will most definitely want your camera handy to capture the breathtaking scenery!  And perhaps THE selfie of your entire Tasmanian holiday.

Although a one hour walk sounds like a short time, it’s a good idea to bring some water with you.

Please protect yourself from the weather, especially the sun. Cover up with clothing and a hat, and sunscreen. The tour will operate in all weather (as long as it’s safe to do so), so please dress accordingly.

This is not a hike into the wilderness, so please come along in any comfortable clothing, and flat comfortable footwear.

You may want to have your credit card or a little cash on hand, as there are other activities to enjoy – including the Gorge Scenic Chairlift, the Basin Café, and the Gorge Restaurant.

Walk Cataract Gorge